Best Herbicide for Creeping Charlie reviews

10 Best Herbicide for Creeping Charlie Reviews & Guide 2020

best herbicide for creeping charlie reviews and guideCreeping Charlie is a plant that grows along the ground, categorized as a herbaceous perennial. This plant will spread by its creeping stems or stolons. Historically, it was brought from Europe in the 1800s to America. So you need best herbicide for creeping charlie to avoid them.

It was used for ground cover but actually, it can get to about 20 cm (8 inches) tall for shade. It goes by many names like Creeping Jenny, or Ground Ivy.

A member of the mint family, it will quickly fill an empty space with a mat-like cover of small, round, scalloped-edged green leaves punctuated with delicate violet-blue flowers in early spring. It’s actually quite pretty, and you often see Variegate, its variegated (and far less invasive) cousin, sold in nurseries as a ground cover or cascading filler for planters.

Ground Ivy or Creeping Charlie leaves has a bright and shiny green, with a round or like kidney-shaped leaves. Leaves may appear as tinted purple. To kill, you will need the best herbicide for Creeping Charlie.

The plant is easily identified by its fast and easy growth habit. It has long stems that have nodes where the leaves grow.

They will form roots by the time they have touched the soil. The leaves shaped like a kidney with shiny green colour and with scalloped edges.

When it stops flowering it will grow very fast. Because it is part of the mint family the stem has a square shape. Its flowers should appear in early March depending on location.

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Why you need the best weed killer for Creeping Charlie?

Ground Ivy or Creeping Charlie will spread from its seeds. Other common methods would be by setting down roots all along its long stems. This is the reason why you will have difficulties to kill Creeping Charlie or getting rid of Creeping Charlie or Creeping Charlie control.

If any bits of the vine remain, it will continue to grow and spread. So you have to make sure there is no vein remains. Ground Ivy or Creeping Charlie can resist numerous chemical herbicides.

It is very annoying because it is very difficult to control the weed. But you must have persistent efforts in killing the broadleaf weed. You will see that Creeping Charlie would spread from your neighbour’s lawn. You can just consistently pulling up and discarding all parts of the Ground Ivy plant.

If you decided to use chemicals on your garden or lawn, there are numerous herbicides that will kill Creeping Charlie. They are Creeping Charlie killer or Creeping Charley killer.

What is the best herbicide for Creeping Charlie?

All you have to do is to look broad leaf herbicide that contains the chemical triclopyr or dicamba. You can try many products of one that does not work. See the customer’s reviews for better results and better choices.

A good deal of research proved that a Creeping Charlie population in one garden may be more susceptible to one herbicide than it is in another garden or lawn. One important factor in controlling Creeping Charlie with herbicide is about proper timing.

The plant most likely would be affected by herbicide application when it is flowering and when it is preparing to go dormant in the fall.

You should try to eliminate the plant in the fall, when the first frost is expected, or after the first frost. If you apply during this time, the Ground Ivy will store the herbicide, which will make it even more effective.

You can apply Creeping Charlie herbicide again in the spring while it is flowering. When it is dead, remove them from the lawn or area. Choose wisely!

How to get rid of Creeping Charlie?

But don’t be charmed! Left to its own devices, Creeping Charlie can quickly take over landscaping beds, and even a lawn. It grows low to the ground in a veining habit, killing everything else around it. It thrives in moist and shady areas, where grass and other plants don’t grow well. If you see it, act fast, or you will have a very hard battle with it later. One of these three methods for how to get rid of Creeping Charlie should solve your landscaping trouble:

  1. Pull out Creeping Charlie by hand if you only see one or two, here and there.
  2. Smother a larger Creeping Charlie infestation by blocking all sunlight with a barrier i.e. with newspaper, tarp, or cardboard for at least a week or two.
  3. Use a herbicide containing either tricolpyr or dicamba on Creeping Charlie that has taken over your lawn. These chemicals will kill all the Creeping Charlie without harming your grass.

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